Club History

The South Wales Classic Motorcycle Club is a new club formed on 13/06/2018 by a group of 5 founding members based In Caerphilly, South Wales.  Whilst this club may be fairly new our members have been members of several local clubs for a number of years and have multiple bikes of various ages.  We have a mission for the club and hope to extend our motorcycle enthusiast family even further:


The mission of the South Wales Classic Motorcycle Club is to provide a friendly club for owners and enthusiasts of Classic Motorcycles.  The club aims to arrange ride-outs, host and attend local and international events, engage with the community, raise money for charities and provide assistance for owners or lovers of classic motorcycles.

The club is already making huge waves already ticking Stafford and Shepton shows off with many more shows and rides planned this year. With over 40 members already we do hope you take a look at the rest of our site and social media and if you’re willing, join the family.