Fred Hill Run – Write Up

So Martyn quite correctly described this run as “only for the brave” and yes a run from Cardiff to Llandovery in February is asking for trouble but Cardiff MAG annual run is kind of the kick off to the new year and we wanted to support them. After a winter of commuting, it seemed like a good idea.

We met up at the Station Inn (Home to our club meetings) two Mike’s, Martyn and I answered the call, all on Honda’s. Mike Jeffs on his nc 750, Mike Shackell on his 400/4, Martyn and I on our Cx 500’s.

We trundled over to Whitchurch Village to the meeting spot to find quite a few already there would guess around 20 ish bikes possibly more and whilst cold and wet the group was in good spirits. We slowly made our way up the a470 and stopped off at Terry’s Van. The beacons were snow covered and it was certainly a lot colder there. Mike Shackell decided to call it quits there but we soldiered on to the Owl’s Nest were we were joined with numbers from other MAG regions. Whilst it was cold and uncomfortable in spots it was nice to be riding with other people and not just doing the commute. It was also nice to support the MAG peeps too. After a burger and a bit of chat Martyn and I headed home and the ride home reminded me to get proper winter boots. I feel Riding in different conditions makes you a better rider and even on well-trodden roads debris and water made it interesting. Yes, it would have been a lot easier to stay at home but the path of least resistance doesn’t make a fun story.

Few Pics from the day, some stolen from Martyn and Ian from the Owl’s Nest: