The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride – Write Up

Our esteemed member turned roving reporter Alan Robinson attended The DGR along with some fellow members, here is his report:

This year’s Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride was a roaring success! Three rides were organised in Wales. The Pembrokeshire ride was supported by 77 riders and raised £4101. The Rhyl ride raised £12704 from its 106 participants, but the Cardiff ride eclipsed both. A staggering £20592 was raised by 355 riders!
Again the weather was good, dry and mild. Most of the riders, and their pillions, entered into the spirit of the day by getting togged up in their dapper finest. Charity shops must have done a roaring trade! Saying that though, there were quite a few who let the side down and some were just along, literally, for the ride. The bulk of the riders took the same route as last year, although a few did take a couple of shortcuts to avoid being left too far behind, regrouping at Culverhouse and Barry Island. The ride finished on Penarth Promenade making it look like a mini-Douglas during TT week.

Swansea Museum’s Classic Motorcycle Show – Write Up

Our esteemed member turned roving reporter Alan Robinson attended the Swansea Museum’s Classic Motorcycle Show here is his write up:

The Swansea Classic Motorcycle Show returned from a brief vacation to a new site on Winch Wen Industrial Estate. Being undercover made it all the better even though the weather was fine and dry that weekend.
Situated inside the Swansea Bus Museum along side some fine examples of Routemasters a broad range of motorcycles were on display, although some couldn’t really be called “classic” pictured are a few that caught my eye (I want that yellow Commando!).
Hopefully, this show will establish itself on the circuit in the coming years.

And now it’s really over!

So we awakened to the harp declaring we were an hour out from being back in Portsmouth.

In true style we got split up after the passport Control and so I had to turn off the road and let Google take the wheel once again. Tho this turned out to be great as it diverted me through Hampshire lanes and it put me back on the right road ahead of the other chaps who were filtering tailbacks due to a crash ahead.

So managed to meet back up with martyn for the ride back but danny was a bit further ahead.

So what’s there to say to sum up my first European trip… Well firstly I shall be back and the Moto Piston rally was spectacular. Great company and so many beautiful places.

But its time to talk about the MVP of the trip. 2800 miles of faultless performance. Yes the humble Maggot the Cx500. They broke the mould with these, yes they are heavy and not a particularly good lookers. But both Martyn’s and I paid £500 quid.

Yes 500 quid, his 10 years ago and mine just under 18 months ago and whilst we have spent money to keep the bikes on the road to be mechanicaly sound these are by no means pampered princesses. I ride mine to work in all weather’s it’s rusty and a bit crusty but it not only took on the challenge but smashed it with not a hint of any major trouble. My Headstock needs tightening as it was giving me some speed wobbles but will have that sorted in no time. Apart from that it still held up to the abuses of switchbacks and curves for days. Martyn’s bike just needs a clean.

Classic ownership isn’t all about expensive older bikes, it’s a fact a lot of expensive bikes would not have survived the trip. There are a lot of bikes out there full of character for little money that can put a smile on your face and make you appreciate them all the more.

Saint Angeau to Caen

Well we woke up to frost on the bikes so the European warm dream is over. Today was cold like proper winter cold. Not ideal when you have a cloudy dull ride of 375 miles.

Danny and I are full up with cold and sneezing in your motorcycle helmet at 70mph is not fun. The ride was boring to be honest and the weather made it all the worse but with more layers than the Michelin man we made good progress.

So the jury is out on the methodology of a two day France leg this late in the year. That’s not so say we haven’t enjoyed it but it’s definitely not the preferred method Danny and Martin would reccomend unless you had to (for getting to and from the Moto Piston rally) And if you had to, take 3 days to get through France. I imagine they would reccomend a van. However they hadn’t ridden it until this one either so it was an option/trial they had to try to scratch the itch on. Even tho its my first time riding in Europe and attending the Moto Piston rally I would agree it may not be the best method this time of year.

However as far as the Moto Piston Rally is concerned it was superb! what an event in a spectacular location and I know I will be back for sure. Just maybe not riding down again and leaving the riding for the glorious roads down there.

Santander to Saint Angeau

So we said our sad goodbyes and hit the road to a much colder windy weather front and even a few spit spots but thankfully the weather held out. Mainly motorway and endless tolls on this one the pleasure cruise is over today we had to do miles, about 375 in total and as you imagine sore bottoms and some rider fatigue thrown in mixed with long boring motorways just meant we just pushed on.

So not a lot to report today and about the same milage on the cards for tommorow. But our ferry is not until 23.00 so lots of time. Very pleased to see a good turn out for the DGR tho yesterday so well done to all that made it!