We have a new home!!

The South Wales Classic Motorcycle Club is pleased to announce we will be moving our meetings to a new Venue in Caerphilly. The Green Lady, Pontygwyndy Road, Caerphilly, CF83 3HF.

Lots of parking on smooth tarmac and some great food options. Our Next meeting on the 17th of May will be there and all further meetings going forward every two weeks as always.

Look forward to seeing you all there.

Cwrt Rawlin Bike Night – 26/08/2021 – Write Up

The super local much rumoured bike night finally happened. It had been on the cards for so long before Covid put a stop to the plans. Thankfully tho it arrived. Caerphilly has long been screaming out for a bike night so being on our door step we always hoped to have a big presence being our Club’s Home town.

If you build it then they will come was factual. The night was attended by a number of clubs with over 150 bikes across the entire spectrum. The grub was good too according to my fellow members. Was a cracking turn out for the club and we are very much hoping this will be a regular event. They booked the good weather too, let’s hope the current Sunny days stick around for the rest of the biking season.

The 2019 Cardiff Classic & Contemporary Show – The Write Up

So a nice local show for us that normally kicks off the season and gives the winter projects a benchmark to hit. Knowing we had 14 bikes on the stand there was a lot of logistics to sort prior to getting to the show but thanks to Martyn’s work we were set for a great show. The Majority of people tend to drop off the bikes on the Friday night so a good portion of the stand prep is done then. Thanks for all those whole helped out.

It always comes together very quickly on the Saturday and with a great selection and high standards of the machines on display it makes you wonder where they all come from. We had a cracking range of bikes on the stand as you can see.

As always at these bike events the car park is as much of a show as anything.

And of course a lovely selection of bikes in the show:

It takes a lot of energy to man the stand for both days so a big thank you to those who lend a hand and we gained 4 members at the show so a success all round. But the icing on the cake:

A cracking weekend and to take home the Best Club Stand was a lovely bonus thanks to all the members efforts all round.

Swansea Museum’s Classic Motorcycle Show – Write Up

Our esteemed member turned roving reporter Alan Robinson attended the Swansea Museum’s Classic Motorcycle Show here is his write up:

The Swansea Classic Motorcycle Show returned from a brief vacation to a new site on Winch Wen Industrial Estate. Being undercover made it all the better even though the weather was fine and dry that weekend.
Situated inside the Swansea Bus Museum along side some fine examples of Routemasters a broad range of motorcycles were on display, although some couldn’t really be called “classic” pictured are a few that caught my eye (I want that yellow Commando!).
Hopefully, this show will establish itself on the circuit in the coming years.

Saint Angeau to Caen

Well we woke up to frost on the bikes so the European warm dream is over. Today was cold like proper winter cold. Not ideal when you have a cloudy dull ride of 375 miles.

Danny and I are full up with cold and sneezing in your motorcycle helmet at 70mph is not fun. The ride was boring to be honest and the weather made it all the worse but with more layers than the Michelin man we made good progress.

So the jury is out on the methodology of a two day France leg this late in the year. That’s not so say we haven’t enjoyed it but it’s definitely not the preferred method Danny and Martin would reccomend unless you had to (for getting to and from the Moto Piston rally) And if you had to, take 3 days to get through France. I imagine they would reccomend a van. However they hadn’t ridden it until this one either so it was an option/trial they had to try to scratch the itch on. Even tho its my first time riding in Europe and attending the Moto Piston rally I would agree it may not be the best method this time of year.

However as far as the Moto Piston Rally is concerned it was superb! what an event in a spectacular location and I know I will be back for sure. Just maybe not riding down again and leaving the riding for the glorious roads down there.