And now it’s really over!

So we awakened to the harp declaring we were an hour out from being back in Portsmouth.

In true style we got split up after the passport Control and so I had to turn off the road and let Google take the wheel once again. Tho this turned out to be great as it diverted me through Hampshire lanes and it put me back on the right road ahead of the other chaps who were filtering tailbacks due to a crash ahead.

So managed to meet back up with martyn for the ride back but danny was a bit further ahead.

So what’s there to say to sum up my first European trip… Well firstly I shall be back and the Moto Piston rally was spectacular. Great company and so many beautiful places.

But its time to talk about the MVP of the trip. 2800 miles of faultless performance. Yes the humble Maggot the Cx500. They broke the mould with these, yes they are heavy and not a particularly good lookers. But both Martyn’s and I paid £500 quid.

Yes 500 quid, his 10 years ago and mine just under 18 months ago and whilst we have spent money to keep the bikes on the road to be mechanicaly sound these are by no means pampered princesses. I ride mine to work in all weather’s it’s rusty and a bit crusty but it not only took on the challenge but smashed it with not a hint of any major trouble. My Headstock needs tightening as it was giving me some speed wobbles but will have that sorted in no time. Apart from that it still held up to the abuses of switchbacks and curves for days. Martyn’s bike just needs a clean.

Classic ownership isn’t all about expensive older bikes, it’s a fact a lot of expensive bikes would not have survived the trip. There are a lot of bikes out there full of character for little money that can put a smile on your face and make you appreciate them all the more.

4 Replies to “And now it’s really over!”

  1. Typical Dad. Once he hits British soil camaraderie goes straight out the window and he becomes Eric Cartman from South Park “screw you guys I’m going home!” Ha ha he can’t stand dragging out a journey home.


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