The 39th Carole Nash International Classic MotorCycle Show – The Write Up

This event was a tad unexpected up until two weeks before although being on the waiting list I don’t think I would be wrong in saying we thought we were sitting this one out. But alas the email came with little over a week to go and when the mothership calls, we must answer. And answer we did….Hot on the heals of our award winning perfomance at Cardiff the frantic feelers were put out to club members and a hasty plan was formed. Once again a big thank you to the last minute efforts of members who went above and beyond and the kind chaps who let us take their bikes for the weekend.

Once again, the core convoy travelled up on the Friday to setup, It really does take a lot of effort to get it all in place so a big thanks to Martyn and John for their work. We were very surprised to have the blessing of such a wide-open space to work with which really allowed the bikes to breathe and shine. I rode up to join the chaps on the Friday evening, a few shandies shared as always.

If you haven’t ever been to the Stafford show it really is a monster in size and variety, if you’re looking for bits, parts or bikes this really is the one stop shop. From rare to sublime it really has it all, so we always enjoy the show and we are very proud to be part of it. Our stand was in a prime position in our hall and received a lot of interest and foot traffic especially due to the weather. So, to explain outside was a MET office amber alert for high winds and stormy weather much to the annoyance of the outside traders and stall holders. This played nicely into our hands though and was nice to have lots of chats and see a few members up for the day.

The Sunday however the weather was better behaved so it was a little bit more spread out. A lot of very nice machines on show as always and lots selling in the auction always to the dismay of sanity on some prices. Once again, we were joined by members up for the day normally with bags of parts in tow. It really was a cracking weekend and we are extremely lucky that in our first year we have managed to get to all the major Morton shows. Hopefully we get the invite in October too, but if this is a show you haven’t managed yet you really are missing out.

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