Steel Horse Bike Night

So had a busy weekend but the write-up is now upon you!

Always a crazy made rush for a 6pm ride out for those of us that work (not bitter at all).  Once again we met up at Pontygwindy Inn at 5:45pm we gathered, another mix of new and old and even a very funky scooter based on the American Honda Rucus scene and no its 125 engine (albeit modified) was not the slowest machine there. With the BSA and BMW with sidecar probably quite equal and topping out at 55 mph, not that it matters it’s not about speed it’s about getting these things out and having a great evening and ride with friends.  Once again like-minded chaps and some new faces to the club at least.  The ride up to Abergavenny went off without a hitch and we were soon surrounded by bikes and struggling to find a space.  It was a very busy one at the Steel Horse but a huge mix of all types of bikes of all ages.  Thankfully I can report the burger and chips were excellent and the San Miguel was correctly chilled.

After more chat and taking some pictures  it was soon time for the ride home, Abergavenny is a great distance away it always seems to be just right for blowing the cobwebs off or releasing the stresses of the working week.

We are very happy with the growing attendance and interest in the club and are preparing our ranks for new members soon but we are busy doting the I’s and crossing the T’s so we can be fully ready.  Starting a new club involves a lot of behind the scenes work especially if you’re doing it right.

We have plans afoot on the Facebook Group for another ride out for Breakfast this Sunday depending on Weather so get involved.

Some Pics:


Steel Horse Bike Night

Little reminder we have a ride out tomorrow night going to the Steel Horse Bike night meeting at 17:45 at Pontygwindy Inn, Caerphilly aiming for a 18:00 departure.

More details on our Facebook group and event page.

Weston Bike Night

So from small acorns grow larger ideas, Just a quick post on our Facebook Group that we have not even launched fully yet and boom a ride out was formed.  Thursday night we met up in Caerphilly:


A good mix of old and new bikes and the group of friends of friends, some being strangers to each other joined by a love of bikes headed to pick up a few more people at Magor Services.

We headed down to Weston all going swiminly with the exception of Danny’s Beemer not starting without a bump start and his minor detour of Industrial Estates we arrived to the Sea of Bikes.  Having Built up a hunger we headed for some Fish and Chips and sat on the beach front wall fighting off seagulls.

Was a cracking night and Hopefully more to come much like it, Rumour has it there maybe a run to Steel Horse Bike Night Next Friday (Keep your eye on Facebook for that one).

Pics from the Weston: