Weston Bike Night

So from small acorns grow larger ideas, Just a quick post on our Facebook Group that we have not even launched fully yet and boom a ride out was formed.  Thursday night we met up in Caerphilly:


A good mix of old and new bikes and the group of friends of friends, some being strangers to each other joined by a love of bikes headed to pick up a few more people at Magor Services.

We headed down to Weston all going swiminly with the exception of Danny’s Beemer not starting without a bump start and his minor detour of Industrial Estates we arrived to the Sea of Bikes.  Having Built up a hunger we headed for some Fish and Chips and sat on the beach front wall fighting off seagulls.

Was a cracking night and Hopefully more to come much like it, Rumour has it there maybe a run to Steel Horse Bike Night Next Friday (Keep your eye on Facebook for that one).

Pics from the Weston:



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