So it begins….

So we set off and not a BMW in sight unfortunately Danny’s beemer was not ticking over right and had already sprung a fork leg leak. So he has had to dust off the only bike available that could make the trip his trusty 1998 R1, now we for sure will be losing some classic vibes but it’s better he make the trip than not. Martyn’s BMW did not fare much better with the crank still leaking oil he opted to take his trusty cx500.

So albeit not the lineup expected we are making do. We met up briefly at the Station Inn for the off.

So we left at 6pm and made good progress albeit a tad moist and stopped for a quick coffee at Chieveley services and a bit of petrol.

Then Onwards to Portsmouth and straight onto the ferry. So beer time and then we shall retire to the cabin for the long day ahead tomorrow.

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