Caen to Saint-Angeau

So after I posted last night we retired to the cabin I was told it wasn’t too bad but I don’t do ferry’s often but maybe it’s different on the top bunk but I didn’t sleep that well. But the harp sounded at 5 am and it didn’t feel angelic.

Unfortunately putting on moist gear is never fun but made worse by the fact the rain followed us over the channel. So today’s ride was always planned to be a bit of a long affair and the rain made it quite a soggy time. With big miles to we made good progress first stopping in Alencon for mcdonalds for a coffee unfortunately the French don’t do bacon so we had to settle for some cake or doughnut.

The cx’s need refuelling every 120 miles so thankfully it gives us many chances to stretch the legs. We were making good time but after being on the road from 6am by 12 we were looking for the the lunch menu and a service station came calling for a burger. And unlike UK services this one was tasty.

However the delicious food made us all a bit snoozy so with regular breaks we soldiered on. Making good time and arrived at Alain’s by 4pm a long day in the saddle and due to it mainly being a moist day not many photos!

But the weather looks to be breaking and hopefully the sun will be getting it’s hat on. And we’re making rough plans for tomorrow but our French host is now looking at me strangly as I’m typing this up so I shall not be rude and go enjoy the evening! A moist but successful day with big miles done.

2 Replies to “Caen to Saint-Angeau”

  1. Keep up the good work – not so much topping up with ‘Human Oil’ and the ride may be a bit easier ??


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