Saint Angeau to Pau

So a slightly late start but much better kip was had at Alain’s. We prepped for the day ahead.

We soon got on the road and after a few lane diversions we stopped off at a lovely place for coffee. And with no rain today I finally got my big camera out!

Been having a few gopro issues today but managed to film a good bit between my camera and Martyn’s. The roads were so much better today with a lot more flowing winding open roads. All bikes behaving so far and just my gopro being sketchy but iv applied the classic IT fix and formatted the card so hoping for a smoother day tomorrow. After 220 very winding miles of twistys we arrived in Pau at a hotel I booked last night on the ol booking.Com app Two joined apartments for 25 euro a night each and some private parking. So far no Complaints and I’m allowed to book the next hotel.

Tommorow we will hit Spain and looking forward to going parralel to the camino I walked a few years back and we have a nice hotel booked in logrono which should leave us close enough to hit Santander for the kick off of the Piston Rally!

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