Saturday Bimble

So as now the 5000 curves is out the way the rest of the rally takes on a more casual approach. You can wake up later and no ride out until 10.30 am for a casual 180 miles of arrowed roads so we had the map well (martyn did) I will help him out more tomorrow. My headset didn’t charge properly so I just used my eyesight which is massively better than most of these old chaps.

The aching from yesterday still fresh tho but was a really nice ride but today we had time to smell the roses and stop and take more pics.

There is another ride tomorrow along with a bbq and we get to visit the moto Piston club house. Along with the closing speaches and a very late dinner. Then Monday we start the ride back but so far all bikes are fine and all riders in fine form albeit perhaps sore bottoms!

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