5000 Curves

So with the excitement of a nervous/giddy kid before Christmas I slept for as long as I could however with an on the road start time of 8.30 am we have to be up early for breakfast. Others were out doing last minute stuff to their bikes, I just put a few more snacks in the top box turned the key and rolled up out the car park.

Well I must warn you there are not to many pictures today, when on a time trial mapped to be 310 miles on the must curviest roads iv ever had the pleasure of riding on you don’t have too much time but the video will be epic for sure so I shall not spoil that.

What I will say tho is we all made it round, some more than others but we all have the mugs of completion.

Simply put tho the hardest and most rewarding day on a motorcycle even if it was a cx500 and I’m very sure there were more than 5000 corners but the video will tell the tale when I’m back and have time to edit it.

Oh and if your thinking that’s it well we still have two days of riding here but now we can throw the maps away and follow the arrows and have more time for pics and music and just soak the place in. Then we still have about a thousand miles to ride home! All bikes are now working tho and they let Danny help with the officiating today so he got to do the course officially on his R1 and helped the stragglers and helped out at the checkpoints. Alain is claiming victory on his Blackbird but we are still claiming sports bike breaks are cheating and next time he needs to try it on an age appropriate bike.

Marytn and I stuck together on the cx’s and finished a little under 7.30pm a very long but rewarding day, now to go sleep!

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