Weston Bike Night – 27/06/2019 – The Write Up

So it finally happened, the rain stopped and that big burning ball in the sky finally came out to bless us and a Thursday night was actually looking like great weather. Weston is always a great night but logistics always make it a bit tricky especially if you have to work until late so we had 2 groups heading down and earlier group for those lucky enough to not be working and those heading down after work, thanks to the whats app group these last minute plans can be sorted. I managed to leave work a little bit earlier and managed to get there for 6 the event is 6-9 so being there at the start meant time for fish and chips.

By 7 it was all in full swing and the event never fails to provide huge variety in whats there and time to have a good natter about bikes. If a sunny night blesses a Thursday it really is a must do event in the summer calendar. Anyway enough chat here’s my pics:

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