Llandovery Bike Show – The Write Up

The long delayed write up, life took over but now it’s here. Llandovery Bike Show commands almost the centre of the map in Wales and is the main hub for bikers from almost every direction with a long history of being very accomodating it’s a perfect spot for a show.

There is always a great selection and this year was no different, supported by a number of Safety Inititives and local support from Charities and Clubs alike. It’s also growing year on year and one not to be missed with great entertainment on for those there for the full weekend.

A number of us rode up first thing to help setup and enjoy the day. After a great local cafe discovery and a splendid feed we settled in to chat to people on our favorite subjects it’s strangle being penned in but there are worse places for the show and it allows for clubs and entrants to the show to spread out. It’s always good to be showing beside the Pembrokeshire Classic Club too they always have a great selection of bikes and chat about up coming events like the Piston Rally.

There is a great timeline of events throught the whole day and a number of stalls to visit. And a gymkana style time trial in the main arena. With the car park being as good as the show for the entire weekend. If you missed out this year make sure it’s on the schedule for next year and maybe make a full weekend of it. Martyn’s Bonnie picked runner up for Best in Show in the British Bikes Catagory on the Saturday too.

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