Brunch Run

So this morning a group of hardy bikers looked out the window at the dark clouds and moistness on the air and said meh stuff it.  We took to the road with varying levels of waterproof gear and met up Once again at the Pontygwindy Inn.  The weather was looking a bit sketchy so we understand why some may not have been keen.  3 Founding club members in attendance joined by Phil and Alan, one day we will have a ride with all the founding members I swear but With Danny in America playing with the worlds best collection of Kawasaki triples and Alwyn touring Europe in his camper we had to make do without them.

A fairly dry run up to Abergavenny always a fun road and then round to Crickhowell our rumbling bellies found solace at the Mynydd Ddu Tea Rooms.  What a gem of a little place cracking coffee and a good breakfast to be had.  After a good natter we looped round back to Brecon on some lovely windy country roads before stopping at the old Favorite Terry’s Superbites Van in Brecon for another coffee and more biker chat. The weather was less favorable in Brecon but was not too bad and dried up as we descended into Myrthyr.  A quick blast down the a470 and a wave goodbye.  No mechanical issues apart from Matt’s Suicidal horns (second time they have tried to run off). A cracking little run and the perfect start to the weekend.  Hope to see more people on the next one and hopefully the weather will play ball.

Plans are forming for the Distinguished gentleman’s Ride for those who are here so get involved in the chatter on Facebook if you are keen. A big thanks to Phil and Alan for coming today and braving the moistness.

2 Replies to “Brunch Run”

  1. Those tea rooms are excellent, always a good welcome there a little different to another place I could mention but won’t.


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