Meet the Committee

So this has been a massively busy week for us on Tuesday we held our first AGM albeit with only our first 5 founding members where we voted in our constitution and regulations documents followed by our elections of the 5 initial Committee roles.  We are keen to create more roles in due course but we had to get the legal aspects of the Club to be in place before we could allow memberships e.g. GDPR, Rules and Regulations.

So with that said it’s time to meet the Committee:


Chairman – Alwyn Dart

We assure you he does smile too but he takes riding his BSA M20 very seriously.  Alwyn’s love of all things wartime led him to the restoration of this Beauty which took the Crown at Stafford as Best Military in 2017.  However, this is just one of a number of other classic’s in his stable.


Treasurer – Matthew Dart

Yes, Alwyn’s love of Motorcycles is so infectious that his son had no choice but to pick up the mantle.  He has this BMW pictured above and some XT 500’s as an Engineer by trade he has an eye for detail and will keep a watchful eye on the clubs Pennies.


Events Secretary – Martyn Williams

Martyn is a man with the finger on the pulse of local and international events and owner of a number of Motorbikes from new to old Bonnie’s or his golden BMW and his commuter CX500.


Membership Secretary – Danny Capaldi

If there is anyone with a classic bike in South Wales doesn’t know Danny, I will be surprised. Danny is a prolific networker and very well known for his love and knowledge of restoring/owning Kawasaki Triples along with other notable bike builds some of which have been featured in International Publications. He takes pride in looking at a classic and seeing if he can trick it out or make it a bit different.


Media Wizard – Josh Capaldi

Ok I will admit I’m the one writing this all and yes I named my own role but it best encompassed the nature of the role.  Once again like father like son, my love of Motorcycles was inevitable.  I am an IT Engineer by trade with an interest in Photography, Videography and Social Media. I am also the Data Protection Officer ensuring that all member data is safe.  A daily rider of a CX 500.

Us all helping out on Danny’s build earlier in the year

Above all we are a group of mates with a huge passion for Classic Motorcycles and have our own experiences and skills in various areas that we hope will be a huge driving force for the club going forward but we really want to expand this passion to other like-minded people like ourselves and bring more people in to mix, make the club a success and have good times for many years to come.

4 Replies to “Meet the Committee”

  1. Hi, I’m interested in joining to try and get out a bit with my Laverda 750SF. Do you have regular rides out on weekends? I’ve got a couple of old bikes as well as more modern bikes. The old ones are a 1975 Moto Guzzi 250TS and a 1971 Laverda 750SF. Being old and Italian they’ve got a habit of breaking down in the case of the Moto Guzzi or shaking itself to bits in the case of the Laverda.


    1. Hi David,

      Our rides are largely dictated by the members themselves, we have a what’s App group where members often schedule rides and events and we discuss these things at the meetings. We have a number of retired chaps too so rides can occur at any time really. As with everything the weather often plays a huge role so some things are very last minute. We have a huge range of bikes within the club so were very used to temperamental bikes.
      Media Wizard


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